Get started!

Record your own 3D clips

You'll need a Microsoft Kinect2 to record your footage, and the VrVideo Recorder.

Import your clips into Unity

Link your recorded footage in Unity and play back a whole set of recorded clips.

Pointcloud or Mesh rendering mode?

Choose between plotting 3d points in space, or drawing a closed 3d mesh. Switch at runtime with a single click!

The rendering modes

Pointcloud rendering

Render your footage using a 3D pointcloud in space. Objects melt together to form closed surfaces when seen from far away, and disolve into distinct points in space when you get closer. Use additional interpolation to increase the visual quality of the rendering at runtime.

Mesh rendering

The mesh rendering mode offers true 3D rendering as if you were there. The rendering recreates vividly the envrionment and person(s) recorded right in front of you in virtual reality.